Countryside Couples Shoot

A Norfolk Couples Photoshoot // Countryside Location

A Norfolk couples photoshoot. Couple shoots are always so much fun. There’s a lot of freedom when it comes to shooting them.

Unlike at a wedding you don’t have that pressure of time limiting anything you want to capture. There’s literally no burden in going for a walk in a gorgeous location, whilst occasionally stopping to snap!

I’ve always hoped that an older couple would get in touch with me, celebrating their relationship & wanting to do a couples photoshoot. I was so pleased when finally a couple did! although these two happen to be my parents, so perhaps that is considered cheating! My ma and pa have been together for an impressive 40 years. The week before they celebrated their 40th anniversary we decided to do this shoot. It was really important to them to have some updated photographs to frame.

With my dad being a farmer, and having little free time we decided to shoot close to home. The location for these snaps was on his farm, which is on the Norfolk/Suffolk border. Because they were completely at home, hopefully that comfortableness comes across in these images. I’m so happy with them and hope it shows that just because you’ve been hitched for a while, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a photoshoot celebrating your love! 

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