Indonesian Travels

Indonesian Travels

It’s Surreal to think about how things have changed since I traveled with my partner Jack back in February and March. Our plans were cut short for obvious Covid-19 related reasons. Countries abroad went into strict lockdowns and UK flights became really hard to come by. It became a sudden mission to make it back before all flights halted and we ended up having an impromptu trip to Scotland!

What a whirlwind it all was. Bali has to be the most beautiful place I’ve ever been to. Rich in colourful culture, varying landscapes from the jungles and waterfalls to terraced rice fields and we were in total awe of their creative industry of pure talented artistry throughout most villages and towns, their wood carving, sculptures and statues are something else. The images of us taking part in what looks like a cooking session, is actually a coconut oil making lesson! Coconut oil is one of the few must-have beauty related products I use so it was really fascinating learning just how much work goes into producing it.

We then headed on to the Lombok island Gili Air, which was so pretty and small enough to cycle around the entire island in under 2 hours. We stayed in a cabin along the beachside and met some of the friendliest people from our trip there.

Lastly, we spent time in the Philippines, which surely has to have some of the most stunning white beaches and crystal blue waters in the world. Island hopping and kayaking around from each teeny tiny island was pretty special!

I edited 100’s upon 100’s of images from our travels but I’ll keep things short and simple with a slice of what we saw here!