It would be nice to meet in person before booking you as our photographer, is this possible?

Definitely! You spend a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day especially so it's understandable to want to meet before you book! I'm always around for a coffee and a chat. It's a chance to ask anymore q’s needed or to see some more examples of my weddings.

What style of photography do you shoot?

Natural! I aim to capture you the way you really are and the way your day unfolds, photographing the essence of your event, capturing the mood and all those unscripted moments. At the same time taking time out to concentrate on the two of you and get those awesome, emotive couple shots as well as a few family formals sprinkled in, but mostly my style is candid and of a fly on the wall style.

We are not used to having our Photos taken, help!?

Do not fear! I often hear this, it’s rare to ever hear someone say they love having their photograph taken. I try to be as unobtrusive as possible and when occasionally needed, offer direction.
Sometimes a pre wedding photoshoot can be beneficial as a little practice run and to ease any nerves. Please see HERE

How many Photographs will I receive?

For a full days coverage at your wedding I promise a minimum of 1000 images but often do many many more.

For 1hr photoshoots I usually promise a minimum of 200 images.

When and how do we see the photographs?

For weddings I aim for your images to be with you at around 8 weeks after your wedding day, although, during some of the busier months in the calendar delivery times could be a little longer.
I always send a large amount of previews a few days after your wedding to keep you going.
You receive your images via High Resolution and Lower resolution via your own personalised private gallery. After receiving them I always ask couples to back up all files right away and keep them in a safe place!

Can we send you inspiration and a list of must have formal photos?

Of course! I love hearing your ideas. Everyone is different, sometimes you rock up on the day with your timings and take it from there and other times you have a little more of an idea of locations which could work and the styling of that wedding that you will be photographing.
Feel free to add me into any Pinterest boards (because Pinterest is always awesome for inspo) and most weddings have a small list of formals to tick off of friends and family.
My style is documentary meaning the majority of your photos will be in a fly on the wall style, there will of course be a few more posed ones thrown in, essential couple shots which we schedule some time aside to do these in.
There are usually family must have formals to grab too, I advise no more than 8 formal family group photos. I’ll sometimes reshuffle the order to help time wise and for them to flow easily. I aways say that if any guest would like spontaneous group shots to grab me for any impromptu extras which can be snapped later!

Do I have to buy any of the photos?

No! There are no hidden fees. I decided I wanted to keep my packages simple and stress free. What ever package you choose means you're paying for my time, coverage, equipment used for the day AND the images.

Do you do Photo albums?

Yes, you can order an album through myself printed via Folio Albums and designed by myself. Prices start from £600 but I strongly encourage you to print them and as you have all the images High Resolution you can order and design your own photo albums if you prefer.

What is your booking fee?

For Weddings I ask for a £500 Booking fee to secure your date.

For 1 hr Photoshoots I ask for a £100 Booking fee to secure your shoot date.

Do we receive every photo you’ve taken? You seem to snap away non stop?

No, You do not receive every single photo I snapped throughout the day, but it comes close to that.
I will never not give you a good photo which I have snapped from your day.
Photos which do not make the cut are often blurred images, images where people have been blinking or if I think people would really not be happy with their pose. I like to think people trust my eye!

Will the Photos be in black and white or colour?

All the images come in colour and then any I feel translate to black and white well, I edit those to black and white for you alongside the colour ones.

How long are you there? What coverage do you offer?

I offer two packages, either 7 hrs coverage or 11 hrs.

Bespoke packages can be discussed for smaller coverage needed, i.e. just the ceremony covered if booked within 6 mths of your date.

My venue is quite Dark how will you photograph this?

I shoot 95% of your day using natural light. My style of photography does not use many flash guns or off camera lighting, I use available light instead. If your venue looks darker, I do not see there being any issue unless you are wanting your images to look a lot brighter than the venue looks to your natural eye!

What happens if the weather is bad and it rains all day?

I say work through the weather! Just because it rains on your big day does not mean there are no photo opportunities! In fact I have shot a couple of weddings in non stop rain and my couples rocked ponchos and brollies and I tried my best to protect my camera and had a great time producing fun images. Preparation is usually key, If it looks as though it may rain heavily, umbrellas are a good idea and perhaps an indoor location for some photos if possible.

On our wedding day, do we feed you?

Some of my favourite meals have been had at weddings! It's great that you think of me.
That being said, I try my best to live a vegan lifestyle and have a plant based diet and know that not every wedding menu will cater for this and that's fine. Please do not worry, but do let me know beforehand so that I can bring my own food in that case, just let me know.

What happens If you are ill?

I’ve never come close to missing a Big Day. *touches wood* but in an absolute emergency I know some amazing photographers and am confident I could find someone to cover your day.

Do you have insurance?

Of course! My gear is all insured and I have public liability insurance.

Do you do pre Wedding shoots or Engagement shoots?

Yes! I always recommend doing a pre wedding shoot, it’s a great opportunity to get used to me snapping away and for that reason I offer these shoots at 50% discount if you have booked me as your wedding photographer for your Big Day! See HERE

Do you shoot anything other than couples and families?

Yep! I have photographed commercially for businesses and am always interested in doing something new. please contact me for a bespoke quote here

Everything sounds great! Now what?

Get in touch! say hello and tell me all about your wedding or photoshoot ideas & plans… You can fill out my contact form HERE I will get back to you within 24hrs. (please check your junk mail)